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UK Dividend Quote
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Compass Group Plc ( XLON : CPG )
Dividend AllStar™ Ranking:
First Day of Prices:
Initial Amount:
£ 295.00
Latest Price Date:
Latest Price:
1,493.00 p
52 Week Low - High:
1,013.00 p - 1,521.00 p
Shares Outstanding:
Market Cap:
Dividend Information
Dividend AllStar™ Ranking:
Consecutive Dividend Increases:
8 yrs
Dividend Yield:
2.02 %
Dividend Declaration Date:
Dividend Ex Date:
Dividend Record Date:
Dividend Payment Date:
Dividend Amount Current:
10.6000 p
Dividend Amount Previous:
19.6000 p
1-Year Dividend Growth :
Dividend Payment Frequency:
Dividends Paid Since:
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    Dividends in the UK need to be analyzed to make gains through the investment of your money. When a Corporation earns a profit they can reinvest it or they can distribute it to their shareholders in the form of dividends in UK. Dividends in the UK are paid as per the amount of shares owned, the more shares you own the greater the dividends. To earn a profit you need to analyze if you are investing the money in a growing and or stable company. For this to happen you will have to identify the

    Best UK Dividend Paying Stocks

    . Generally when a company pays dividends to its shareholders, it has been approved by the board of directors before being paid. In public sector organizations there are four dividend dates on which company declares the dividend amount to be paid. The Dividend Declaration, Dividend Record, Ex-Dividend and Dividend Payment dates. UK dividend paying stocks can be in similar industries for example like in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
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